Barrett Chute Waterfront development

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What distinguishes Barrett Chute from other lots and developments?

  1. The most important attribute is the remarkable site itself. It is beautiful, well located, and fronts on a clean, first class waterway. The lots are designed and serviced to honour this inherent natural quality.
  2. Lot Size
    Barrett Chute lots, ranging in size from 1.4 to 9.4 acres, are larger than typical lots in Calabogie and cottage country. The waterfront lots are larger than most market alternatives. Each lot has been carefully created to maximize views and privacy.
  3. Friendly Geography
    The property is situated on gently sloping, well drained land suitable for low cost development. The gentle landscape offers easy access to the shoreline.
  4. Southern Exposure
    Located on the north shore of the Madawaska River, most water lots and back lots face south or southwest, allowing full access to the best sunlight.
  5. Natural Attributes
    The property is covered in a diverse forest encompassing many species of trees of multiple ages. The low lot density makes it possible to sustain much of this ecological heritage for the appreciation and enjoyment of current and future owners. There is growing evidence of the positive health effects of living close to nature.
  6. Peace and Quiet
    Low density and carefully designed properties maximize the peace, privacy and tranquility that owners will experience at Barrett Chute.

2. How many lots are there in the development?

There are 53 lots in total. The first phase is 33 lots and the second phase consists of the remaining 20 lots.  The road is now completed throughout. Asphalt surfacing occurred in October of 2017.

3. What are the lots like?

The lots are larger than typical and all are forested in a mixture of Maple, Oak and White Pine trees. There is something for everyone in the mix of waterfront parcels, nature lots, and upland lots with long views of Calabogie Lake and the Madawaska River.  All of the lots have frontage on the public road.

4. How do upland and nature lot owners access the water?

Non waterfront owners have the use of two private waterfront access lots established only for the common use of all lot owners. These two areas have docks for owners to moor their boats in the boating season. The second phase is restricted to non motorized boats only. The water access areas are gated for security.

5. Are there Covenants?

The development has covenants to protect each lot owner’s interests and preserve the natural beauty of the land and the area.  The covenants include architectural guidelines, minimum lot maintenance, preservation of tree coverage, landscaping practices to preserve the waterfront, rules governing the use of the water access lots for the exclusive benefit of the lot owners. No home is to be overpowering or visually dissonant with its neighbours. The covenants are contained in Schedule C of the Lot Purchase Agreement.

6. Will there be a Property Owners' Association?

The developer plans to retain control of property covenants and legal title to water access parcels until patterns of use become established. Once this is clear, it is the developer's intent to create an association and transfer control of the access areas to it for long term governance.

7. How long do I have to build my home?

Purchasers are under no obligation to build within a defined time period. That said, the developer's vision is to establish a vibrant community quickly. This will protect the value of the properties, and make the community more enjoyable to live in.

There is a time limit of two years from the start of building until the exterior of the home is complete.

8. How does the Shoreline Licence affect my waterfront property?

The Developer acquired all of the shoreline property from Ontario Hydro (now OPG) in the early 1980s.  At the time of sale, OPG retained a thin strip of land along the water’s edge, consistent with their operating practice across Ontario.  Under this arrangement, OPG agrees to provide waterfront lot owners with license to use the thin strip of land between the water's edge and the legal lot boundary. The license requires lot owners to exercise good stewardship over the shoreline and not to build permanent structures on it. A copy of OPG’s current shoreline license may be viewed under "OPG Waterfront Licence".

The extent of the shoreline to which the licence area applies has been defined by survey to protect buyers from uncertainty. Iron survey bars and more visible cedar posts provide a clear physical reference to the shoreline dedicated to each waterfront lot.

9. Are boathouses allowed?

Floating boat docks and boat docks that have feet that rest on the bottom of the water body are permitted. The Township’s zoning does not allow the construction of boathouses on the shoreline.

10. What is the average depth of the water?

Four to eight feet out from the shoreline, the average water depth is 4 to 10+ feet, quickly dropping in most cases to 20’ to 65’ deep.

11. What is the status of the road?

The township will assume ownership of the road as described in the subdivision agreement. The developer will be required to maintain the road until the Township assumes it. This is expected to occur one year after the developer hard surfaces the road, which occurred in October 2016. Once assumed, the road will be maintained by the Township as a public road.

12. Is the clearing of trees controlled?

Yes.  The lots may be partially cleared to provide excellent views.  A maximum of 50% of lot surface area may be cleared for house, yard, driveway and view purposes. No clear cutting or excessive tree cutting is allowed. To ensure privacy, cutting of trees along lot boundaries must be approved by the developer.

13. Is this a year round community?

Yes.  The road will be ploughed in the winter. Calabogie is an active winter community with the ski hill just five minutes away from the Development and we expect many residents to be full time residents of the community.

14. Are there any restrictions on out buildings (guest cabins)?

The Township zoning allows a garage but guest cabins are not permitted under the Municipal Bylaws. The Zoning for the property is at Zoning.

15. Is there a minimum square footage requirement in the development?

Yes.  The ground floor of the home must be a minimum of 1,200 square feet on non waterfront lots, and 1,500 square feet on waterfront lots.

16. Will there be restrictions to running a business in the development?

Small professional businesses are allowed.  No industrial business is allowed.  Business signage is permitted, but must be approved by the developer in writing.

17. What type of amenities will be available?

Nearby walking and hiking trails.

Nearby snow machine trails.

Water access to all lot owners.

Bell Satellite TV, Fibe Internet and Home phone. (Internet speed to 1 GB)

Hydro One electrical surface to the edge of each lot.

Asphalt surfaced road.

Close amenities (5 minutes) include downhill and cross country skiing, golf, hiking, mountain biking and fishing.

Within fifteen minutes, additional golf, rock and ice climbing, motorsports facility.

Shopping, liquor store, microbrewery, restaurant services are available in the village of Calabogie, only 10 minutes away.

18. Who owns the neighbouring land?

The Developer, Ontario Power Generation, and two private land owners own the land immediately adjacent to the development.  The site plan shows all of the Barrett Chute lands.  Most of the other neighbouring land is Crown land, which means it is owned by the Province of Ontario. The Crown land has miles of ATV, snow machine and hiking and biking trails.  It’s a virtual wilderness playground.  There are also some smaller privately owned parcels of land near the development.  These parcels are currently in a natural state like the surrounding Crown land.

19. What is the developer’s plan for its neighbouring land?

The Developer plans to continue the Barrett Chute development on its adjacent land on the north shore of the Madawaska river.  There is no timetable for this.  Additional lot development will come in response to customer interest and as  the initial lots are sold.  Any future development along the north shore will follow the high quality lot structure and design developed in the initial phase of development.  There are no current development plans for the Developer’s land on the south shore of the river.

20. Can lots be subdivided?

No.  The covenants do not allow future severances.  This is designed to protect the natural beauty and integrity of the development.

21. Who owns the islands in the river?

The islands are owned by Ontario Power Generation, a provincial entity.

22. What services does the Township provide?

The Township will maintain the road as described in the FAQ above “What is the status of the road”?  The Township maintains waste disposal sites where lot owners may take their waste.  The Township also operates a fire and emergency department.  The Township’s web site describes its governance and all services provided to the community. 

23. What utility services are provided?

Hydro One supplies electric service to the edge of each lot. Fibe Internet and Home phone service are available via fibre optic to the home. Bell Satellite TV is also available.  Other communications providers may also provide services.  Each lot will have its own well for water supply and its own septic system.  These services can be installed by a home builder or by local contractors.

24. Is there wireless coverage?

Yes.  There is a wireless tower on Calabogie Peaks mountain next to the development.  Almost all of the lots have wireless access.  The wireless providers are Rogers, Bell and Telus.

25. What is the internet quality?

Bell Canada has installed fibre to the home throughout the development. It offers speeds to 1 GB for Fibe Internet and Home phone. Bell Fibe TV is not currently offered, but Bell Satellite TV is available.

26. Where can I store my boat or outdoor equipment?

The developer has a compound near the project for secure, uncovered boat storage, for a small annual fee. There are also a number of local boat service companies that provide winter storage and service for boats. Lot owners choosing to keep this equipment on their property must comply with a covenant that requires it not be visible from the public road.

27. When can I apply for a Building Permit?

You can apply as soon as you have your building plans ready to submit with your application.  The building permit application is located on the Township’s web site at

28. What do I need to do before altering my lot site and grading?

The road has been built to incorporate natural drainage and run off.  If you plan to alter your grading, make sure no swale or neighbouring drainage is disturbed.  Owners are encouraged to seek the Township’s assistance and expertise before beginning a site alteration. Drainage easements also exist on some lots and these must be respected.

29. Are perimeter fences and gates allowed?

In keeping with the development’s commitment to open space and unfettered wildlife trails, lot perimeter fencing is not allowed.  Individual house areas may be fenced.

30. Are there ski and golf privileges at neighbouring Calabogie Peaks Resort?

Lot buyers will be entitled to a one year complimentary family golf and season ski pass at Calabogie Peaks Resort.  Lot owners may purchase memberships from Calabogie Highlands Golf Course and other recreation facilities nearby.

31. What is the Calabogie community like?

Calabogie is a popular and growing tourism destination centred on the natural beauty of the local land, water and mountain.  It offers the best skiing in eastern Ontario and western Quebec at Calabogie Peaks, the tallest ski mountain in Ontario.  There are numerous golf courses in the region.  Calabogie Highlands is a very popular and challenging golf course on Calabogie Lake.  Ironwoods is a family friendly nine hole golf course that is also on Calabogie lake, minutes from the development.  Calabogie Motorsports offers a world class auto racing track where you can rent a Mustang and take speed driving instruction or bring your own high performance car to race or lap at the track.  There are many cultural and recreation activities in the community throughout the year.  The Calabogie Mountain Man Music Festival and the Calabogie Blues and Ribfest have become very popular events that draw visitors from throughout the province.  The Township is populated with kilometres of hiking and biking trails, some of which are used by snow machines in the winter and ATVs in the summer.  Good opportunities exist for rock and ice climbing on nearby cliff features. The area is surrounded by thousands of acres of Crown land which provide endless areas to explore with lakes and great hunting and fishing habitat. Expanding dining options now include a new microbrewery and a venue offering live entertainment.

32. Who is attracted to Barrett Chute?

People who seek the peace, beauty and tranquility of the natural environment will find it here. Those who value a healthy and active lifestyle will be energized by the range of activities available close by and in all seasons. Families seeking to create or renew  memories of waterfront fun will have a place to fill their cup.

Some owners will build and reside at Barrett Chute year round, while others may enjoy their homes on weekends, holidays and getaways.  Barrett Chute has been designed to attract owners who share a commitment to maintaining natural surroundings of open space, beautiful waterways and natural beauty coupled with thoughtful, carefully enforced design guidelines.

33. Do prices include HST?

No, 13% HST must be added to the prices shown. 

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