Barrett Chute Waterfront development

Planning Your Project

This information is provided to help you plan your new home at Barrett Chute.

OPG Waterfront License

If you are purchasing a  waterfront lot, contact Ontario Power Generation directly to obtain your waterfront license after your lot purchase has closed.

Ontario Power Generation Inc.
700 University Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1X6
Attention: Mike Humphrey
Sr. Real Estate Associate
Real Estate Services
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 416 592 3539
Fax:     416.592.8115

The license and required information is located on the web site at

Building Your Home

There are a number of high quality companies that specialize in rural home builds in our area. These companies can help you design and/or build the home of your dreams. Find out more about the builders

Water Wells

Some of the lots have wells on them.  These were drilled by local driller George H. Law & Son of Calabogie

David Anderson, a Culligan Water Technologist, can help you with products that soften water and drinking water systems that filter impurities and odors.  Culligan’s products may be viewed at and you can reach David at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 613 290 282

River Water

If you own a waterfront lot; you have the option of sourcing your water from the river instead of a well. David Anderson, a Culligan Water Technologist, can show you how to do this using drinking water systems that filter impurities and ultraviolet sterilization.  Culligan’s products may be viewed at and you can reach David at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 613 290 282

Wastewater Systems

Thanks to the good soil quality and depth on almost all lots, the development is approved for conventional septic systems.  Conventional systems include a septic tank that does the first level of treatment, connected to an in-ground leaching bed that uses sand, gravel and native soil to do the second round of treatment.  Conventional systems require extensive tree clearing for the leaching bed.

We encourage you to install a new advanced technology wastewater system that does 90% of the treatment in the tank, removes significantly more bacteria and organics and uses much less land area than a conventional system.   New systems will protect and sustain the natural environment at Barrett Chute.  

The professionals at the Septic Store recommend the Advantex made by Orenco Systems.  It uses a passive aeration process to complete treatment.   When the water exits the Advantex system and is reintroduced to the groundwater table it is odorless, colorless, and has the appearance of lake water.  Advantex, unlike its competitors, does not have mechanical aerators pumping air into the system, which consume additional power and require more maaintenance.  The Advantex recirculation and discharge pumps boast an impressive 10 year warranty and consume only $3 to $5 of power per month.

Advantex is packaged with a vericomm control panel which connects to the home’s existing phone line or internet connection. The panel automatically notifies you and or the maintenance provider via email if there is a problem with the unit or that a problem may occur and outlines the steps required to prevent the problem.  Alarms are sent silently so they do not disturb homeowners with nuisance alarms. Settings can be adjusted remotely by the maintenance provider; this eliminates the cost of onsite site service calls.  

They Advantex units also have the added benefit of using shallow buried trench fields (SBT).  SBTs are significantly smaller than conventional septic fields, do not require a sand mantle and use smaller piping under pressure to receive the treated effluent and disperse it into the ground.  SBTs are designed and installed to work around trees and land features so you can maintain the natural setting and ambience of your lot.

The team at the Septic Store are experts in new technology systems and are available to help you select the right solution for your lot.

Power System Connection

Your lot has been serviced with power at the edge of the road.

It is your responsibility to connect your home to this roadside source of power. A covenant requires that this be an underground service.

The work can be done by a private contractor, but must be inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority before hookup.

Hydro One Networks will provide field advice on how the hookup should be done, and should be contacted prior to beginning the work.

Landscape, Road and Electrical Contractors

Barrett Chute has worked with local contractor Timber Ridge Contracting to construct the road, power system and driveways.  

Timber Ridge is available and capable of tree clearing, driveway, landscaping, and lot improvement service.

They are also experienced with septic system work, building site excavation, and electrical service installation.

Phone      (613) 259 3079.
Cell         (613) 284 7740.

Landscaping jobs can be completed with the help of Mark and Maggie Fairfield, who are proven local landscape contractors specializing in interlocking stone projects.

They can be reached at


Occasionally, plant life grows from the river bed in mid to late summer.   This is part of our natural environment; but can disturb some swimmers and children.   Lot owners may remove plants without a permit if they follow Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) guidelines.  The guidelines require the removal be in front of your lot and result in minimal impact.  The removed material should be disposed of on dry land.  You can remove by hand or use mechanical devices such as rakes and cutter bars.  Dredging the bottom is not allowed.  Removal should not be done during the In-water Work Timing Window Guideline   To learn more about the MNR’s regulations visit

Joe DeMarco of Weeds B Gone offers expert advice on plant removal. Joe provides removal service and removal technology to eliminate plant regeneration.  We recommend you contact Joe for the right solution for your circumstances.

Telecom Services

Bell Satellite TV, Fibe Internet and Home phone Bell Satellite TV, Fibe Internet and Home phone

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